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In 2012, Boxer
Recordings will celebrate its 10 years jubilee.

And to launch this furious year, we have invited one of our most favourite sound artists: Patrick Chardronnet, from the deepest Black Forest,
who already did a number of fantastic remixes for us in the past, now comes up with his first solo release. 

"Karma" is based on the idea that each action has consequences, which is quite easy to understand as soon as you hear the first sounds of the track, when suddenly your feet begin to tap along within the rhythm, when you lift your hands in the air, and your hole body starts dancing in the light breeze of the sounds.

And although "Shanti" on the B-side may paint a picture of tranquility, serenity
and happiness, it is spiced with enormously deep bass lines and a pushing
groove. A track that will certainly pump up the dance-floors worldwide.

The 10 minutes
"Karma Epic Mix" is undoubtedly the longest track of this record, and
comes up with the most beautiful sounds you haven’t heard for years. A perfect
after-hours mix that might kill some of your synapses, but nevertheless will
leave the audience happy.

here comes eternal happiness.