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What a start. Nevermind we had to postpone our premiere twice by technicalmeans, the Boxer Sport 12”, Frank Martiniqs "Adriano" including thatfabulous M. Mayer remix, was completely sold out within two days. And while Iam writing this lines, the 2nd issue sales nearly equal, so that DIGITALSOUTH has to apply to a far higher standard than expected. His 1st Boxer Sport 12" is by keeping up with the times called "Spring" andcontains two as fresh and flattering outtakes of his 1st longplayer "Soul ofKing" as the title suggests.For I am writing about the pressure to succeed, I want to emphasise how gladwe are, that M. Schaffhäuser managed to spare some time in between hisvideo shooting, interview hustle, playing DJ sets and working on his ownlabel WARE, to contribute a strong and deep remix. His interpretation of"No Good", roaring like a "low rider" out of the sub, gives prove thatMathias not only masters the charming and cheesy aspects of minimal. Hard toheart.