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BOXER 50.1

We have plenty reason to be chipper these days, we really do. Our humble family-run Cologne based label is about to turn FIFTY. And there are plenty of reasons to share with you our giddiness to be at this point.Standing strong after seven years, BOXER has been blessed with a successful history that we never could have foreseen - outwitting the the current crisis of the music industry and retaining the same amount of love for music as we did from our first release.Our pride shows best in the music; a back catalogue that showcases some of the best and most wanted producers and remixers of Techno, Tech-House and Minimal.We continue to gush by honoring the partnership with the graphic design tram at THEPIXELZ.COM who gave us our unique image and face.And we are very grateful. Thanks to our loyal relationships and friends including all our to affiliated musicians that have provided us with what feel to be exceptional music. Folks like Frank Martiniq, Goldfish & der Dulz, Delon & Dalcan, Zentex, Paul Nazca, M.A.N.D.Y., Michael Mayer, Patrick Chardronnet, Alex Under, Gui Boratto, Robag Whrume, Daso or Einmusik just to name a few... Thankful we are as well for our distributor KOMPAKT who continue to bring good music to the people with heart and a passion for good music. That support in turn has been integral to the BOXER mothership as well as our BOXERSPORT and KICKBOXER sublabels. So that should be enough proof to show our elation about getting this far so let's get to why we're here! The number 50 is something really special for us - a birthday cake with a golden leaf you might say. The least we could give you are these two chic maxis feat. new tracks by Duoteque, Frank Martiniq, Goldfish & der Dulz, Matzak, Martin Eyerer and Delon & Dalcan as well as remixes from Tadeo, Tekel and Patrick Chardronnet. This is the first part and it will give you an appetite for part 2 that will be coming 4 weeks later. Here's to another 50 and beyond.