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BOXER 50.2

Dearest Media partners, YES! We are really happy ...! Our little Cologne-based family business is still celebrating the first FIFTIETH jubilee! The feedback we are getting on both, the 50th CD and the 50.1 is tremendous. Postcards and greeting cards from all over the world are pinned with little magnets on to our fridge-freezer in our small office. We would like to say: “Thank you” and return the favour with brand new, fresh tracks from established Boxer artists:DELON & DELCAN, MARTIN EYERER and MATZAK (in a TEKEL MIX) are on this second acoustic honorary round. And they have obviously spared no effort for this jubilee release. And if this was not enough, Boxer 50.2 offers another cherry on the cake: the track “LOGO” from DUOTEQUE, so far only available on the Boxer 49.5 limited edition (400 copies only). Michael Mayer, Magda & Richie Hawtin loved it. And we feel confident that “LOGO” will find even more friends.