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Dusty Kid! What a little rascal...! He virtuously just came back from

his Europe tour together with Duoteque, and - magic -

can already look back on a number of solo hits and remixes on the

world's most renowned labels.

That's really fast! Wow!

Well, here is our review then:

This is the next big thing on Boxer Sport: brill hypnotic minimal

techno; a monster, wow, strong peak-time action, phatt!

Air plays, top ten play list entry and heavy rotation guaranteed! And

sensational reaction from the hottest international DJs such as:

Televisionslave, Martino Afro Eyerer, Big in Villalobos, Trendymöller, Audio Ohm Werner, Richard Hartwine, Milk

van Dike, Oli Kotelettski, DJ Heaven, Boy Pierced, Superbitcher, Elektrobiologie, Pot-Pan, Alex Adult, Booker T

and other top-stars of the international scene.

This time, there is nothing to hide, let's go!