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After he popped in on Boxer 053 together with Dusty Kid, Marascia now comes solo around the often quoted and praised corner. And in his record case, he is carrying two cocky prime time smashers that will put a smile on everybody’s face. Spectacular! NOVA and NIMPHO. Marascia is known for remixes he did for legends such as Todd Terry, John Aquaviva and Richie Hawtin. And even though he did it in the 1990, it says a lot about the material this guy is made of: finest, precious wood from Italy. Precious wood is characterised by a beautiful and strong colouring, striking contrasts, breathtaking grain and other distinctive features compared to the “ordinary” looking wood. Other particularities are its heavy weight, a high density, vermin resistance, rarity, high value or a high subjective esteem.Altogether characteristics that – if transferred onto his music – would produce amazing interfaces. And now it’s up to you to decide whether Marascia really is a precious wood or just a numbskull. We have made our decision!